Our Mission

Wise Oak Inc.  is dedicated to helping its clients improve and maintain the complete outdoor living environment surrounding the everyday use of their homes.

We strive to implement the latest techniques, materials, and equipment in order to produce one of the finest maintenance and tree care products on the market.

We seek to achieve superior results as property managers by:

  • developing and maintaining client relationships,
  • delivering superior customer service,
  • maintaining our properties as if they were our own
  • perfoming professionally.

We work with our clients in order to develop programs that not only meet the needs of the landscape and home but address the property use goals of our clients.

Biography of an Arborist

Matthew Mosher began his urban forestry career at Penn State in 1984 with his father, Dr. Harry Mosher, as his professor. He continued his education at the University of Massachusetts and entered professional arboriculture in 1989. Matthew has been an ISA Certified Arborist since 1992. He is proud to have served the New York State Arborist, ISA Chapter, as a Board Director since 1996 and as President from 2002-2003. He has been an International ISA Board Director from 2004-2010 and currently sits on the ISA counsel of representatives. Matthew founded Wise Oak, Inc.  in 2004. Wise Oak  expanded services in 2007 to include residential and commercial landscape maintenance and property management. Matthew brings to Southern Vermont a lifelong experience in arboriculture, a lasting passion for the care of trees, a desire to care for properties at the highest level, and for clients of Wise Oak  to have all their property needs met to the highest standards.